All About Ballroom


Robert started learning International Style ballroom dancing in Poland at age 13. Competing as a teen and youth, gradually he began to teach dancing and fell in love with it. As a result, following his high school graduation, he attended Dance College and graduated with a major in teaching dance. Coming to United States at age 25, he discovered a new style of ballroom dancing and decided to take on a new challenge, learning to dance and teach American Style. Over time, learning differences in both styles, as well as American Hustle and street style Salsa has been, and continues to be, a great opportunity for him to keep learning and sharing his expertise with others. Currently he competes in pro-am divisions in both International and American Style, and teaches ballroom dancing in the greater New England area. At the moment he teaches out of Enfield (CT), Canton (CT), Stamford (CT), Simsbury (CT) and Boston (MA) locations.





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